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You are purchasing original OEM Mazda parts that have been 5-layer chrome plated.  Many items are currently out of stock or discontinued.  

Many of the Miata's parts are made from "pot metal" (inexpensive castings made with "junk" metals).  These parts require additional labor to prepare for the chroming process, and the time for the entire procedure can vary (even between like parts).  Our Platers have extensive experience with pot metal parts and have specially designed racks to handle the Miata parts (insuring proper plating coverage).  The company has been plating Miata parts for over 13 years.  Donít be fooled with inexpensive chroming, flash chroming and yellowish chrome jobs.  When it comes to chroming, you clearly get what you pay for.  We also plate hot rod parts also - no bumpers or large parts. 

Since in recent years environmental regulations have become more stringent, top quality chrome plating is difficult to find.  Automotive Candystore offers a plating procedure using a 5-layer process, not the 3-layer process or flash chroming.  Although our 5-layer process requires additional material and labor, once you see the finish you will agree the 5-layer process was well worth it.  Letís face it:  you donít want your chrome finish to pit and peel.  You want it to last.  You want that mirror-finish to look great for years to come.  Your Miata deserves the best.


Please email us prior to ordering to confirm availiablity.


  Miata Chrome Ignition CoverMiata Chrome Ignition Cover ('90 to '96)   $ 29.50


   Miata Chrome Mirror Bracket 

Miata Mirror Bracket   $69.95  SOLD OUT


   Miata Chrome Heater Brackets



Heater Hose Clamps - 2 each    SOLD OUT

Upper Radiator Hose Clamps  - 2 each   SOLD OUT

Lower Radiator Hose Clamps - 2 each   SOLD OUT



 Miata Chrome Trunk Latch Miata Trunk Latch Striker with Bolts $69.95




  Miata Chrome Max Potential Shift Knob Max Potential Shift Knob $65.95

Threaded for solid fit

Threads: M10 x 125

Weight: 194 grams

Height: 75mm 

 Miata Chrome Power Performance Shift KnobPower Performance Shift Knob $65.95

Threaded for solid fit

Threads: M10 x 125

Weight: 198 grams

Height: 75mm 

OEM Knob Weight: 202 grams

     Miata Chrome Soft Top Strikers 


Soft-Top Striker Set with Bolts    $285

 90' to 93' Hood Holder Rod (not shown)  $89.95


Corner-End Brackets (no bolts or buttons)  Sold Out

Hard-Top Striker Set with Bolts $285




Clam Covers for either soft or hardtop latches (2) $119.95



Hood Lift Attachments (upper and lower)- Replace the XP Direct's Hood Lift attachments.   Simply replace.   $75.95

Door Supports with Bolts   Sold Out

   Boot-End Button Set (2)   Sold Out

Throttle Cable bracket with bolts ('90 to '93)   Sold Out


Jack Handle   Sold Out





Oil Dip-Stick Line    Sold Out

 Lug Nut Wrench  Sold Out


Hard-Top and Soft-Top Latch Assemblies  No longer available










1.6 Liter Pulley with Bolts - Sold Out

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